TDCX enjoys workforce growth by 30% amid pandemic by embracing digital transformation

In general, the BPO industry has proven its resilience in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. A case in point is TDCX, one of the best companies to work for in Asia, which continues to thrive thanks to its innovative and adaptive ways to cope with the times.

Due to the pandemic, the limited movement has become a challenge to every business, especially those with operations that were reliant on face-to-face operations. However, the advantage of TDCX is that it was able to harness the digital transformation of the COVID era in its business operations. In fact, TDCX People Director Van Maningas reported that despite the pandemic, the company’s workforce has grown by at least 30%.

Meanwhile, TDCX Operation Director Ruel John Angeles prides on the company’s leadership prowess that allowed it to grow amidst challenging times. “This decisiveness created confidence in our clients and in our employees that we may not have dealt with a crisis like this before, but we are agile, decisive, and effective in ensuring the continuity and safety of our team,” he said.


TDCX’s continuous workforce growth supports the demands of customers. More than 80% of TDCX Philippines client partners are new economy businesses that increased their demand for customer support.

According to TDCX Vice President for Business Strategy Eliza Acuña, “the company’s ability to adapt our operational governance to the changes brought about by the pandemic allowed us to perform optimally for our clients and their customers.”

Acuña also said that with the company’s advantage to be fully equipped to operate digitally, it was easy for TDCX to improve their remote work arrangements – preventing interruptions in operations.


Apart from offering flexible and remote working arrangements to its employees, TDCX adapted an online recruitment process. The global  BPO company is leveraging its proprietary online hiring solution called FLASH Hire, which allows applicants to experience a hassle-free and convenient virtual application process. TDCX is also able to provide a seamless onboarding journey and can easily arrange remote work set-ups for new hires to improve their BPO experience in the new normal. “The reason we continue to improve our hiring process by enhancing our tools and innovating ways is so that we can promote positive remote recruitment journey for our applicants,” Maningas said.

Maningas noted that this move can be considered a best practice in recruitment in a time of pandemic as talent acquisition and applicants in the market have become dependent on online platforms. She also reported that “hiring remotely for the past year has exponentially increased our candidate pool. Generated leads have grown by more than 1,000%.”

For Jesylou Lacsamana, Employer Marketing Lead at TDCX Philippines, the company has always put their employees’ welfare first at every corporate decision they make. This can be evidenced by the smooth transition to remote operations that TDCX provided to its workforce.

“For TDCX to be able to deliver business continuity while continuously increasing its manpower and maintaining financial stability, there must be great leadership behind it. It also showed how much it valued its people as an employer. It’s evident with the back-to-work protocols, health precautions, and the remote work arrangement,” she said. She also added that life at TDCX can also be best described as the perfect recipe for an ideal work-life balance.

To jumpstart your personal and career growth, you can check out TDCX Careers. Visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about TDCX.

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