Solutions Review’s Vendors to Know in ERP Platforms in 2021

ERP Platforms in 2021

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list of the ERP platforms in 2021 that companies of all sizes and industries should keep an eye on.

The editors at Solutions Review continually research the most prominent and influential ERP software vendors to assist buyers in searching for the tools their organization needs to meet and exceed its business goals. Choosing the right vendor and solution can be a complicated process, though, as it requires extensive market research and often comes down to more than technical capabilities. To help you keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, we’ve listed the vendors to know in the enterprise resource management space.

Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

The ERP Platforms in 2021 to Know About


Acumatica - logo

Acumatica provides cloud and browser-based business management software designed for small and mid-sized businesses. The Acumatica ERP solution offers clients a suite of integrated applications for financials, manufacturing, project accounting, retail, distribution, construction, and CRM that are all based around and powered by a single cloud-based platform. The company also has an extensive network of global partners and complementary applications that users can integrate into the Acumatica ERP solution.


Aptean - logo

Aptean is a provider of industry-specific software for specialized manufacturers and distributors across 20 markets worldwide. The company’s ERP, supply chain, transportation management, manufacturing execution, product lifecycle, customer experience, warehouse management, and other solutions can help businesses of all sizes scale and adapt to the trends in their industry. Aptean provides cloud and on-premise deployment options to meet the unique needs of each company they work with.


Deltek - logo

Deltek offers a collection of ERP, business development, professional services automation (PSA), project management, human capital management, information management, and small business software solutions for companies across industries. The company’s ERP and PSA solutions are available as cloud-based or on-premises systems and are developed to help companies streamline their core operations and boost departmental collaboration.

ECI Software Solutions

ECI Solutions JobBOSS2

ECI Software Solutions is a privately-held company providing cloud-based technologies and industry-specific software to small to medium-sized companies in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, distribution, construction, or field service markets. Meanwhile, the services offered include implementations, consultations, management, analytics, support, and product-specific training to help business owners streamline their day-to-day operations.


Epicor - logo

Epicor Software Corporation is a provider of enterprise solutions for global companies in the manufacturing, distribution, lumber and building supply (LBM), retail, and automotive industries. The company has nearly 50 years of experience equipping its clients with tools for analytics, CRM, data management, ERP, e-commerce, financial, HR, sales, and supply chain management. Epicor also offers consulting, update, migration, education, cybersecurity, and implementation services to help its clients succeed.

ERP Gold

ERP Gold - logo

ERP Gold works with B2B and B2C companies in various industries. It provides clients with a multichannel, full-stack, and intelligent ERP solution with features and tools for marketing, lead generation, CRM, inventory, order management, purchases, payroll, project management, and accounting collected on one platform. The cloud-based system offers a secure SSL connection that users can access from anywhere in the world.


Exact - logo

Exact provides start-ups, small companies, accountants, manufacturing companies, wholesalers, and service providers with a suite of financial and business software solutions. The company’s products include financial software, CRM, human resource management, business management, and ERP solutions geared toward manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and project management tasks. Exact also offers over 200 add-on applications that clients can use to expand the software.

Financial Force

FinancialForce provides its clients with customer-centric business applications that are developed on the Salesforce cloud platform. The company’s ERP suite and professional services automation (PSA) platform can help organizations worldwide expedite their business growth, analyze real-time insights, improve decision-making, predict customer expectations, identify opportunities, prepare for upcoming market trends, and allow users to see their customers in “full color.”


IFS develops and delivers ERP software for global companies that manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. IFS’s products are known for being user-friendly, modular in their design, and flexible. IFS’ ERP software includes CRM, supply chain management, finance, manufacturing, project portfolio management, procurement, human capital management, and service management functionalities. The software can be configured for multiple industries.


Intact is a global provider of ERP and business management software for small and medium-sized businesses across the merchant, distribution, retail, and other industries. The company’s flagship product, Intact IQ, is an ERP and supply chain management software with built-in customization capabilities and flexibility. Intact also offers agile development, implementation, technical support, advisory, and training services for its clients.


Microsoft provides multiple ERP software tools via its Dynamics platform, which consists of formerly independent products like Microsoft AX, GP, SL, NAV, CRM, and RMS. With Dynamics 365, companies of all sizes will have access to ERP solutions and products for customer data management, supply chain, sales, finance, marketing, HR, project management, commerce, and customer service.


NetSuite - logo

Oracle Netsuite is a global provider of cloud-based services for organizations in over 20 industries that need help growing, scaling, and adapting to changes in their industry of choice. The company provides customers with an integrated system of features to improve ERP, financials, accounting, inventory management, HR, professional services automation, analytics, omnichannel commerce, and more.


Odoo - logo

Odoo provides companies with a suite of open-source business management applications for CRM, e-commerce, inventory management, point-of-sale, accounting, project management, human resources, and more. The company offers 30 applications that can be added to the platform as needed. With various pricing points for different needs, Odoo is an accessible option for growing companies looking for a solution that can scale alongside them.

Priority Software

Priority Software provides organizations of all sizes with flexible, scalable, and end-to-end ERP solutions. With built-in AI capabilities, an intuitive user experience (UX), various social engagement tools, mobile management, business intelligence, CRM, HR management, supply chain management, customer services, and other features, Priority’s cloud-based ERP system can meet the needs of companies across industries.


ProcessPro - logo

ProcessPro is a mid-market ERP software provider working with companies in the process manufacturing industry. The company’s robust ERP solution includes manufacturing, financial, and inventory integrations that cover the entire plant operation process, from order entry to inventory, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and accounting. Its solutions can be used on-premises or in the cloud and contain functions for sales management, reporting, compliance, and more.


QAD Inc. provides cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies in the automotive, life sciences, customer products, food and beverage, high tech, and industrial manufacturing…

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