Digital Workplace Sessions Episode 3: Enterprise Security Management

The move to a hybrid workforce has had a major impact in many areas of IT, including, of course, cybersecurity. In this episode of Digital Workplace Sessions, Omdia Senior Analyst for Cybersecurity Curtis Franklin joins Adam Holtby, principal analyst covering enterprise mobility and the digital workplace, and Tim Banting, practice lead for Omdia’s digital workplace research, to explore enterprise security management following the massive shift to home workers over the past 18 months. Franklin explains how businesses are grappling with the question of how intrusive they can and should be in managing their employees’ home networks; why VPNs are not a panacea; whether separate wireless access points and broadband routers are necessary; the resurgence of mobile device management; the importance of a zero trust architecture; the growth of managed security services even among large enterprises; and the beneficial security profile of 5G.

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