16 European Tech Startups to Watch This Year and Who They’re Hiring


  • Insider spoke with 16 of Europe’s hottest tech startups to watch closely in 2021.
  • They confirmed whether or not they’d be hiring and when — as well as what they’ll be looking for.
  • The vast majority are recruiting for teams focused on product, business, or operations.
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To find out how much capital they’d raised and what they planned on using the money for, Insider spoke with 16 of the hottest new tech startups to watch in Europe 2021.

Among the objectives that came up time and again were product development, consolidation of growth, and international expansion. One, in particular, stood out: growing their respective workforces. 

This is interesting given the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on companies, specifically where lay-offs and redundancy plans are concerned.  

The economy is now waking up, gradually.

Activities that were stopped in their tracks due to lockdowns or mobility restrictions are resuming and it looks like emerging companies have decided it’s time to bolster their teams. 

Of the 16 startups that Insider spoke with, only one MediQuo — a startup based on a platform that offers an online medical consultation service 24 hours a day — has said it has no plans to expand its workforce in the short or medium term. 

The rest confirmed they’re hiring — they told Insider how many personnel they plan to add, over what period of time, and for which roles. 

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